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P4: The Golden

1) What a stupid name.
2) No girl option :<
3) A ~new girl~ named Mari/Mary/Marie/whatever, just like Evangelion! Also just like Evangelion's Mari, she's ~quirky and different~. Her outfit is essentially cosplayer-bait.
4) Basically why the fuck would I want this SPOILERS: I'm going to buy it anyway

IN OTHER NEWS: a Persona 4 fighting game. Because that needed to happen, really. Oh well, I can virtually guarantee that my brother will be purchasing that on Day One.


Persona 4...Portable?

Is that what this is about?

Should it come to fruition, let me just say that I cannot fucking believe that I'm seeing people whine that they don't waaaaaant a female protagonist option because it would ruuuuuin the game. Suck it, haters! I would kill and die to play P4 as a girl. Can you imagine how awesome that would be?!

- Cheating on Yousuke with Kanji!
- Seeing Naoto's S.Link not take any weird and unfortunate turns!
- Being Nanako's cool big sister!
- The creepy shit with Adachi becoming EVEN CREEPIER THAN EVER BEFORE!
- Girly bonding with Rise, Chie, and Yukiko!

SERIOUSLY, GIRL!P4 WOULD BE THE BEST P4. I don't even care if it's just a crass money-grab from Atlus, I'm in.


Because I must secretly enjoy recreational anger, I read Jezebel and its filthy, filthy comments section. (It's a Gawker Media property, so, y'know, Gawker types.)

Today I read this article, which I'm pretty sure will win the title of Worst Thing I've Read All Week. I mean, Jesus Christ. That's fucking terrible.

So most of the comments, because Jezebel is the least-reprehensible of the Gawker offshoots, are basically different ways of saying "this is the most fucked-up thing I've read all week and I want to die", because that is the healthy and appropriate reaction to "a special-needs girl was raped at school, reported it, got expelled for her trouble, went back the next year, GOT RAPED AGAIN BY THE SAME KID, got suspended, was forced to write her attacker a letter of apology, school district smugly denies any responsibility or wrongdoing on their part." But even in such an obviously horrible situation, there's always going to be some fucker who takes it upon themselves to be the Courageous Lone Dissenter. Because A LITTLE GIRL GETTING RAPED (TWICE!!) is the sort of situation that needs someone to go, "Now wait just a minute here, there might be more to this story."

WHAT MORE COULD THERE BE TO THIS STORY. I CANNOT IMAGINE ANY POSSIBLE DETAIL THAT COULD BE ADDED THAT WOULD MAKE ME GO, "Oh, well in that case, no big deal." In the vanishingly-unlikely scenario that the girl consented, does that make the school's treatment of her vs. the boy suddenly okay and acceptable?! SERIOUSLY. NO MATTER WHAT, THIS IS FUCKED-UP AND TERRIBLE. THE END.

Anyway, the whole thing made me think about the phenomenon of the Courageous Lone Dissenter. This person shows up in every relatively-progressive space to "call it out" whenever any group reaches a consensus that Thing X--be it victim-blaming, racism, calling people "faggots" and "bitches" on XBox Live, whatever--is wrong. Naturally, any consensus could only happen because the group is a big oppressive circle-jerking echo chamber!!1 ("Circle-jerk" and "echo chamber" are required by law to show up in any Courageous Lone Dissenter screed. The Jezebel one[s] will be penalized harshly for their failure to include these keywords.) It is never that the group reached this consensus because Thing X is OBVIOUSLY AND CLEARLY WRONG; it's simply that they've shut down all opinions that contradict the hivemind. ("Hivemind" is an acceptable substitute for either "circle-jerk" or "echo chamber", but not both. It's in the Courageous Lone Dissenter Penal Code, Section 452-C. Look it up.)

The Courageous Lone Dissenter might even believe themselves that Thing X is wrong--thus making them a particularly awful variety of Concern Troll--but when presented with 10, 20, 50, maybe even hundreds of people who all agree on one thing, they immediately decide shenanigans must be afoot! and take up the mask and mantle. If 500 people all said "setting fire to kittens is bad!" the Courageous Lone Dissenter would insist that there must be mitigating circumstances those 500 people had not previously considered. There is never a moment where the Courageous Lone Dissenter stops to reflect on whether or not it's plausible that they, as a single person, have given the subject more nuanced thought than 500 people put together. That is surely not the case, because the Courageous Lone Dissenter has the intelligence, perspective, and life experience of at least twice as many people as are in whatever group they're bravely opposing. They must, or else a few others in the group would've reached the same conclusion, and no consensus would be reached, and then the Courageous Lone Dissenter would simply be just another person arguing for their side.

...Unless, of course, the group members did consider that perspective--"Maybe there could be some circumstances under which setting fire to kittens is acceptable, if not necessary...?"--and summarily dismissed it because it's fucking wrong. But that's impossible. Courageous Lone Dissenters CANNOT POSSIBLY BE WRONG.

I think the cure for this kind of behavior, as with many other terrible behaviors, is a big heaping dose of self-awareness. Unfortunately, that is in woefully short supply, so humanity is stuck with Courageous Lone Dissenters, Concern Trolls, and a myriad of other varieties of Fucking Assholes for the rest of time. I'm going to drink myself into a coma.

I haven't been around much

Am I just, like, tired of LJ? I'm not leaving, I promise! I guess I just have a lot going on right now. Shit's weird.

Anyway, I'm kind of drive-by posting to link to this, which is probably the coolest body-image-related project I've ever seen. I struggle with that sort of thing (um, publicly as anyone who was around for the I Can't Possibly Be Good Enough For That Guy I Like debacle has witnessed) a lot and I don't even really remember a time when I didn't; I was an average-to-thin little girl and I still went on my first "diet" at eight goddamn years old because I had an omgwaytoofat tummy, and I went on to become bulimic in my teens because, you know, that's always helpful and constructive. My current weight problems are in large part due to health issues (autoimmune endocrine disorders = PARTY NON-STOP!), but I basically spent ten years--age 8-18--systematically destroying my metabolism through bulimia and crash dieting.

I know that I am not actually capable of seeing myself as I really look. So this website...it's weirdly healing. I can look up women who are the same height, weight, and clothing sizes as myself and see how they look, and how, logically, it's probably very, very similar to how I look. And I think, "These women are all beautiful. They look fantastic in those clothes. They're radiant."

Following that line of logic to its obvious conclusion--I LOOK LIKE THEM!! THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO THINK I'M BEAUTIFUL AND RADIANT AND FANTASTIC AND HOT!! DUH!!--is...challenging, but it doesn't feel impossible anymore.


Mawaru PenguinDrum


So yeah, Kunihiko Ikuhara has a new show out. So far it has many of the things one should expect from Ikuni, such as incest, magical girls, bizarre animal mascots, extreme mood whiplash, and stuff being pulled from people's chests. Time will tell if it includes his other favorite themes, namely "devious women" and "rampant pansexuality". I would not bet against it.

This show's motifs seem to be penguins (duh), apples, and trains. Have fun extrapolating meaning from that shit. IKUNI KNOWS WE WILL ALL TRY, AND HE IS LAUGHING.


I woke up this morning to a message on my FB wall from my brother's friend congratulating me on my impressive survival skills for making it to 27 years old.

I was torn between feeling sort of touched that this kid I've only technically met once would wish me a happy birthday, and wanting to tell him, "Fuck you, you've only got four years to go before you're old like me."

(Also, weirdly, I got a "Happy birthday, Sam!" from a girl I knew in elementary/high school who stopped speaking to me when we were ~16ish because her boyfriend had a crush on me. We never really became friends again, per se, but she added me on FB a couple years ago; still, this is the first time she's said anything to me at all in about a decade. It...felt kinda good? I think? I still think she's a weirdo but it was surprisingly nice of her.)
Around a decade ago, I read a little bit of a gag manga by one Kumeta Kouji (who went on to write Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei) called Katteni Kaizou. At the time, which was my very late teens, I thought it was totally fucking hilarious, but within a couple years I'd mostly forgotten the series. As Zetsubou Sensei became popular--and for good reason, because it's amazing--I remembered this weird older comic and decided it might be time to reread it. So a few years ago, I did, fully expecting that I'd find it tiresome and sophomoric now that I'm considerably older.

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Yesterday at Casey Hudson's Twitter:
Happy to confirm #ME3 supports wider options for love interests incl. same-sex for m&f chars, reactive to how you interact w/them in-game.

Today at Casey Hudson's Twitter:
Some game sites saying "previously straight chars now available for both m&f chars" not necessarily true. Will have some new LI's in ME3

"no new LI's" was an oversimplification of an answer I gave back in early Apr. And things always evolve in mid-production.






I could probably write up a whole series of posts on the dumb shit my mom tells me this lady, T, says and does, but I'm going to share just a couple of especially poignant examples for you.

Everybody seems to like Tales of DumbasseryCollapse )


I just want to share something

Spotted at a certain community:

Magic and miracles really do exist!Collapse )


Somehow I suspect this is going to suck

Oh boy. Yousuke is pretty blitzed in that picture there. OH WOW, I THINK WE'VE FIGURED OUT WHAT THE FOG INSIDE THE TV REALLY IS.

So regardless of this show's quality (or QUALITY.jpg, as it were) I'll probably watch every episode and bitch about everything they do wrong. And make like 5,000 icons of the Freshman Trio. I hope they go the drama CD route and hint heavily toward SoujiYu/Yukiko and Kanji/Naoto, because nothing would make me happier than watching the fandom drown in their own tears.

OH, and since I know Social Link people are probably just going to make cameo appearances at most, and probably a few will be cut altogether, can I recommend cutting the old lady, the tutoring kid, the dumb stepmom, and the entire Sun Social Link? Naoki, Kou and Daisuke, and Sayoko MUST STAY, though. I'm torn on Ai, because I love her but she's really not necessary. (And this just makes me realize how much better overall P3's Social Links are. I mean, P4 had some great ones, but the majority ranged from mediocre to actively irritating. P3 had only three non-automatic Social Links I disliked, one of which is only present in FES and the other two of which are replaced in P3P by SHINJI AND AKIHIKO, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE, so as much as I like P4...let's face it, P3 has the superior character writing.)

All that said, I hope this does really well because I want Atlus to reconsider their position on a future P4P. I mean, a cute pink otome-game version of P4? DO WANT.

Punpun #73-84


Oh damn. Sachi is a total badass. And the scene with Punpyramid opening up to spill out Bird!Punpun again (...lol you guys need to read this series in order for this to make any sense) was one of the most effective and heartwarming things in the whole damn comic. I just...I JUST LOVE THIS SERIES. I love its constant rollercoaster of hope and despair, realism and surrealism, comedy and tragedy, ugliness and profound beauty. It is The Best.

Oyasumi Punpun #72 gets its own short post


Okay, not that that's some huge achievement, because it was obviously coming, but as soon as I saw the long, light hair I just went, "...yes."

ASANO, I SWEAR TO GOD if you turn this into another excuse to have Punpun's life spiral into the pits of despair I WILL RAGE. Just...just kill them off if you're going to do that. Don't prolong their misery. That's just cruel. ;_;
(I have, like, no memory lately.)

I didn't even realize xxxHolic ended, because I sort of stopped being interested in reading it around the same time CLAMP stopped being interested in writing and turned it into Look At All These Pretty Clothes. I went back and actually read (rather than skimmed) the last thirty chapters or so, under the mistaken impression that sufficient context would make the ending better, but nope! That is still one shitty ending! GJ CLAMP

At this point, I don't want X to come off hiatus. Watching that series slowly wither and die the way Holic did would just break my heart. It's much better this way, where I can pretend it all ends in a huge climactic battle and miraculous last-minute saves (Sorata doesn't ever have to sacrifice himself! Satsuki and Yuuto ditch the apocalypse and run away to the Bahamas! Aoki's wife is lost in the destruction and the only person who can help him rebuild the shattered remnants of his happy family is Karen! Keiichi once again improbably cheats death and is this time rewarded by Kamui's sweet, sweet love!) and everything is awesome. DUDE, JUST HAND THE WRITING RESPONSIBILITIES OVER TO ME, I'VE GOT THIS.

Oh, and Oyasumi Punpun updated again and I don't really know how much more depressing this series can get before it becomes ridiculous. Even Gunjou is like, "Yeah, this is some bleak shit, but it's a crime story, what do you want?" I have faith in Asano Inio to not take it to laughable Law and Order: SVU levels of HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED?! tragedy, but he's going to have to ease up soon. (Aiko comes back and she and Punpun slowly, anxiously, cautiously begin rebuilding their lives with each other as support? Best end we could hope for? Asano? Please?)

EDIT: Punpun #71: Or, y'know, you could just introduce a plot about some bizarre cult that is surely not going to end in tears and bloodshed. What the hell. (Then again: who else did we know of in this series with some cult involvement? That's right. I WILL HOLD OUT HOPE FOREVER.)

On that note, man, wouldn't you think about leaving a cult once the leader christened you Ass Hamburger? That's some devotion, there.

I can't believe I forgot to mention this

World/Inferno's new album is fucking magical.

I heard some complaints over at the band's Facebook page that The Anarchy and the Ecstasy (and can I just say, that terrible pun delights me) has turned the band into "The Jack and Sandra Show". Well, frankly, I love Jack and Sandra's voices, especially together, so even if this were literally true and the rest of the band left, I would be all over The Jack and Sandra Show. Here is a great example of why:

This is my second-favorite song on the album. My favorite is "The Politics of Passing Out", a song whose lyrics I find uncomfortably relatable.

EDIT: Oh, hell, have that one too:

unalloyed joy, at least for tonight
or maybe just tonight

Oh, goons.

This thread is the most heartwarming display of spite and malice I have ever witnessed. Since it's really, really long and takes several pages to actually get into the, well, point of it all, I'll summarize very briefly:
• Dude posts shitty thread asking for homework help
• Mod declares he'll be banned unless he completes a Mod Challenge and posts the results
• Someone else completes the challenge and gets to decide Lazy OP's fate, which turns out to be "donate $10 to charity or get banned"
• OP bails and $55K (and counting!) is raised by goons in the name of getting him permabanned

If you have a lot of free time and get bored, you should really read the whole thing. It's magical, and later involves disgusting sandwiches and a lot of bald people.


We contacted our family!

So our family in Japan is basically fine, as we figured; geographically, they wouldn't have been affected too much other than the ones in Tokyo, who are mostly just...inconvenienced? At worst? It's still a relief, though.

My cousin--actually my first-cousin-once-removed, since he's my mom's first-cousin--is how we found them. I managed to find his university email address (he's apparently one of the world's foremost researchers in orthopedic surgery--seriously this guy is embarrassingly smart and successful, it's totally depressing) through some creative Googling, and my mom emailed him last night. He replied within a few hours! Both my mom and I are extremely intimidated by talking to him because we're poor American losers and he's this brilliant scientist and we felt like, "What are we even going to say? How do we address him? 'Dr. Oonishi?' He's our cousin! L-Let's play it safe." But he's a very warm and humble guy so we didn't need to worry.

Hopefully we'll stay in touch, but it's kind of funny to read his hilarious rich-guy obliviousness. "Are you planning to come to Japan some time to visit?" UH, SURE DUDE, JUST AS SOON AS WE WIN THE POWERBALL. Don't hold your breath or anything.


• Trent Reznor has an Academy Award.
• 4chan and Something Awful recently had to institute a ban on discussions of My Little Pony, because the fanboys were getting out of hand.
• My brother had his girlfriend of one week--he's known her for three weeks--move in with him.
• Since he's no longer letting me borrow the 360, I had only the PS3 to play, and he left his copy of GTA4 so I decided to play that only, y'know, three goddamn years after it came out, and now I'm addicted.
• The older of my two cousins, who I last saw when he was eight and I was in high school, just turned 21.

I've stepped through the looking-glass, and it's a weird fucking place.


[insert "Sayaka no Uta" joke here]

Oh boy, I was super-curious about this last episode of Madoka Magica (as in the one that just aired a few hours ago, l-lol) and decided to check 2ch to see if I could find out if The Thing I Suspected Was Going To Happen actually happened.

I found people going "UROBUCHIIIIIIIII" and figured I got my answer, heh.

An additional thought

You guys should watch the first three episodes of Madoka Magica.

It's really cute and nice! ◕ ‿‿ ◕
I mean, not with the not-posting, but not even reading it. I'm about two weeks behind on my flist. :/

Okay so two things:

1) Portlandia is every bit as amazing as the previews indicated, and also an extremely accurate portrayal of Beloved Portland. The feminist bookstore is a real place I, a PSU alumna, have in fact had to go buy books for classes. (My experience was much better, lol. Apparently the owners are really amused by the show's depiction of their store, which is called In Other Words in real life.)


2) I've been playing Fable III and I just want to say, I hate almost every change from Fable II's system EXCEPT that your stupid dog can't get injured in battle. That is a welcome change. On the other hand, I just found a book in the game that consists of erotic Fable II slash fanfiction and suddenly I feel like complaining about the lack of menus and the shitty "streamlined" communication system and the awful, awful shopping system is just petty. Garth/Reaver is pretty much the grossest pairing but I totally 'ship it now, thanks game.

But goddammit, I'm still pissed that I can't have my princess (well, queen now) marry Ben Finn. SHE WILL BE KNOWN AS THE VIRGIN QUEEN, FOR SHE IS FOREVER SAVING HERSELF FOR A MUTTONCHOPPED ROGUE SOLDIER. sob.


"This is like a non-stop erotic cabaret!"

Ringing in the New Year by drinking a lot and watching a Mr. Show marathon. 2011 has gotten off to a splendid start.

Also IFC has been advertising a show called Portlandia and from the looks of it, it is the most accurate possible portrayal of my (sometimes) beloved city. My only question is why has it taken so long for someone to mine the rich vein of comedy gold from Portland's inherent ridiculousness? WE ARE A CITY THAT HAS A WEDDING CHAPEL IN A DOUGHNUT SHOP.

Kuragehime episode 05: NICOLE RICHIE-STYLE.


Welp. In one episode, the show has convinced me to switch my allegiance from Shuu/Tsukimi to Kuranosuke/Tsukimi. Actually, in about three minutes it did. Kuranosuke's speech at the end was mag-fucking-nificent and his status as The Best Character is not up for debate. He is a makeover drill sergeant. I love it. (Not to mention a goddamn miracle worker. The two most hopeless members of the Sisterhood actually looked...cute. And pretty. And...dare I say it? Stylish?! Judging from the preview he does nothing to Chieko, and it remains to be seen whether this is because LOL SHE'S FAT AND YOU CAN'T FIX THAT WITH MAKEUP--which would suck, and I don't think this show is asinine enough to pull that kind of stupidity--or because her personal style isn't "frumpy slob", it's "extremely traditional Japanese lady" and that's not really a problem for their purposes. But as I said, it remains to be seen! I hope it's the latter, because there really isn't anything inappropriate/unserious/immature about how Chieko looks.)

I like Shoko, even though I think at this point I'm not supposed to. She's such a shameless ho that I actually think she's rather perfect for OMEGA VIRGIN Shuu. There's just something so fierce and badass about her. I loved the chain-smoking scene, lol. Her assistant is cute, and kinda cracked me up too. ("Well, don't you close all your deals between the sheets...")

Also: "A virgin? Researching stuff on the internet? OH MY GOD, STUFF LIKE HOW TO KISS GIRLS OR WHATEVER?! Gross." I lol'd. I love you, Kuranosuke.

This show is magical. In twenty-three minutes, it completely breaks my heart and then makes it all better. FIGHT ON, SISTERHOOD.



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